What is a web alchemist?

“A web alchemist is someone who transforms, creates, or combines web services and API’s to enhance the functionality of your web application.”


What Is An API

An API is a set of functions and procedures that allow your web application to access another.

What is a Web Service?

A web service is any piece of software that makes itself available over the internet.

What is functionality?

Web site functionality is the actions that the site must perform to fulfil the sites purpose.

To keep things simple Dunskii Web Alchemy offers a number of packages for you to choose from.

Basic Design

Basic Web Design - $1000

Development of a high-quality WordPress site business. Includes migration of up to 30 pages and integration of features such as blogs, social media icons, etc.

Advanced Website Design

Advanced Website Design - $3000

Creation of highly customized WordPress sites, multiple mockups, and revisions. Includes WooCommerce integration and payment gateway setup delivered in 6 weeks.

Flex Hours (Basic)

Flex Hours (Basic) - $480

Six hours of on-demand web development or graphic design for WordPress sites.

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