What is a web architect?

“A web architect is someone who specialises in organising the UI, UX and functionality to display content.”

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What Is UI

The user interface (UI) is the design that enables a person to easily interact with your web site.

What is UX?

The user experience (UX) is the ease in which people can perform actions on your web site.

What is functionality?

Web site functionality is the actions that the site must perform to fulfil the sites purpose.

All I can say is, you’re a bloody genius and I thank you for putting your talent to work to create a slick operation. NASA never had it so good.

Michael Stavrou

Sounds Engineer, Studio Stav

Thank you! The planning and organisation of our website was detailed and professional.  We are delighted with the result.

Mulan Gock

Ceramic Artist, mu Ceramics Studio Gallery

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs